Boston Murals – The Ultimate Guide

Associating Boston with history is typical. That’s why the Freedom Trail, USS Constitution, and the Boston Tea Party come to mind first when one thinks about the city. What most people don’t realize is that along with its rich history, Boston also has a rich collection of colorful murals and public art worth discovering!

I began my Boston mural search with two assumptions:

  1. Boston does not have a big collection of murals. (I’d spent far too much time hanging around the red-brown facades of Back Bay)
  2. If there is such a collection, I’d easily find a comprehensive guide to most, if not all, of them

Surprisingly, both assumptions were wrong! I’ve come to know about numerous beautiful pieces of wall art in and around Boston. And come to learn names of artists who create these lovely murals.

The goal of this post is to serve as the comprehensive guide to Boston murals that I was previously looking for!

The Ultimate Guide to Boston Murals

1. Northeastern University Murals

Discovering NU’s body of murals was one of my biggest surprises in this city! Trying to find a parking spot near the Ruggles T Stop – a typically stressful task on a busy day in Boston – turned out to be quite enjoyable as I drove past mural after mural around the Northeastern University campus.

Public Art display at North Eastern University Ruggles T Stop
Would you believe that this is a T stop?

For a list of Northeastern University public art, you can check out this link.

2. Underground at Ink Block Murals in Boston

Another Boston murals collection, the Underground at Ink Block has been gaining popularity since its inauguration in 2017. I can’t think of a better way to use the space beneath a highway connecting South Boston to South End!

This place is worth checking out not just for the murals, but also for outdoor food and fitness activities hosted during the warmer months of the year.

Boston Murals at Underground at Ink Block
Love Mural at Underground at Ink Block (Artist: Cey Adams)

More about Underground at Ink Block here: Underground at Ink Block

3. The Verb Hotel Murals

Looking for Instagrammable spots in Boston? The Verb Hotel is a must see! With colorful exteriors, a retro-music theme, and lots of murals both inside and outside the building, this hotel is more than just a place to stay!

Boston Murals - Hojoko mural at The Verb Hotel
Hojoko Restaurant Mural – The Verb Hotel

4. Boston Seaport Murals

Ain’t nothing that can take Boston’s place. And this Seaport Common mural tells you just that! You’ll also find quirky art installations and seasonal activities at the Seaport Common – making it the one place where you’ll find a high levels of energy and joy even though it’s not a park!

Boston is the new Boston mural at seaport district
Boston is the new Boston!

In addition, the walls of the pop-up retail stores at The Current also serve as fun backgrounds! The stores change from time to time, and with them the facades as well. But no matter what, they’re guaranteed to be cute!

The Current at Seaport Common
The Current at Seaport Common

5. Rose Kenney Greenway Murals

If you have the time to walk the 1.5 mile stretch of the Rose Kenney Greenway, I absolutely recommend that you do! However, since we’re focused on Boston murals right now, I’ll point you straight to the two murals that are currently on display here.

The Greenway wall at Dewey Square is 70 x 76 feet and features the largest Boston mural! Painted fresh on this wall in 2021, Daniel Gordon’s Summer Still Life with Lobsters and Fern will be on display until May 2022.

Largest Boston Mural at Dewey Square on Rose Kennedy Greenway
Summer Still Life with Lobsters and Fern (Artist: Daniel Gordon)

Also on display on the Greenway until October 2022 is the work Engulf (created in 2019).

Engulf, 2019. Source: (Artist: Juan Travieso)

6. Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina Murals (Sea Walls)

Not just art – these murals come with a message! The Sea Walls program by PangeaSeed Foundation was designed to bring awareness about the environment (particularly the ocean) through art.

Boston is the first city to host the Sea Walls project in Northeast USA.

Boston Mural Rise (Focus: Plastic Pollution and Human Impact on Oceans) Artist: Silvia López Chavez
Rise (Focus: Plastic Pollution and Human Impact on Oceans) Artist: Silvia López Chavez

These murals are relatively new. Starting with 7 murals in 2020, East Boston has 19 Sea Walls murals as of 2021!

7. Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery, famous for their delicious large cookies, have a map of their neighborhood around Newbury Street painted on the store wall, making for a quirky mural! They also have this map printed on postcards that you can pick up at the bakery – a fun way to learn more about Boston’s attractions like Zakim bridge, Hatch Shell, Boston Common, and more 🙂

Boston mural at Levain Bakery
Map of Boston at Levain Bakery

This piece, as you can see, is literally a “Boston mural”!

That’s our list for now! Don’t worry though, I’ll continue to update this page with new mural locations as I discover them.

Which group of Boston murals are you most excited to see? Have you come across any that I haven’t listed here? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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