5 Places for Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms in Boston

Boston is home to a large variety of beautiful spring blossoms! Starting from the Daffodils in March to the Lavender in July, there’s always some type of blossom adding color along the streets of this lovely city. Be that as it may, peak springtime in Boston is typically associated with the peak of Magnolia and Cherry blossoms. And although all through April is a great time to witness these, I’ve consistently seen the best Saucer Magnolias and Cherry blossoms between the second and third weeks of April.

So, now that we know when to go looking for them, let’s dive into where in Boston we can find the best Magnolia and Cherry blossoms! Ready?

Best spots to see Magnolia and Cherry blossoms in Boston

5. South End

South End is one of Boston’s most diverse neighborhoods, and is home to a lot of parks (nearly 30!). The most popular place to look for Magnolia and Cherry blossoms is along the SW Corridor path. The residential street near Rutland square is another personal favorite to see some seasonal color added to the already colorful houses.

Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms in Boston - capturing the magnolia blossoms
Capturing the pretty Saucer Magnolias

Pro tip: South End has a vibrant food scene. Have a cocktail at Beehive, enjoy a quick bite at Flour Café, or grab some ice cream at Fomu!

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4. Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill – Boston’s famous historic neighborhood! This charming neighborhood stands out for its elegant doors and cobblestone streets. Blossoms of all varieties make a beautiful contrast against the gorgeous brick-red walls of Beacon Hill.

Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms in Boston - Beacon Hill!
Spring joy in Beacon Hill

Take a walk along Pinckney, Mt Vernon, and Chestnut streets. You’ll even discover gems like Rouvalis and The Sunflower Castle.

A hot spot for tourists and photographers is Acorn street – touted to be the most photographed street in the country.

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3. Boston Public Garden

The best place to take advantage of the weather and enjoy a picnic under some cherry blossoms is the Boston Public Garden.

Keep an eye out for the multi-color tulips and the opening of swan boat tours as we get closer to May.

2. Back Bay

Step outside the Public Garden towards Commonwealth Avenue (or Comm Ave, as locals call it) for houses lined with the prettiest Magnolia blossoms in Boston!

Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms in Boston - Comm Ave!
Comm Ave during spring

Don’t worry if you miss the first ‘peak’. Due to the orientation on the trees with respect to sunlight, one side of the street typically blooms a bit later than the other. And I love this because it gives us some extra time to enjoy their presence on Comm Ave!

Although Comm Ave has the most popular display of Magnolias in Back Bay, you wouldn’t want to miss the trees on streets parallel to Comm Ave – especially Newbury and Marlborough Streets!

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1. Charles River Esplanade – #1 spot to see Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms in Boston

Saving the best for the end! The Charles River Esplanade is my #1 spot in for Magnolia and Cherry blossoms in Boston. Here, you’ll find city life perfectly blending in with nature. Bikers, runners, kayakers, cute bridges, and the Charles River add to the magic of the cherry blossom trees along the water.

The Esplanade is primarily lined with cherry blossom trees. But you’ll also find stunning Magnolia blossoms on the Hatch Shell end of the Esplanade!

I’ve listed my top 5 spots, but there are so many more places to see these blossoms in Boston. Leave a comment if you’d like a Part 2 with more spots, including some hidden gems!

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Bonus: My photo collection of Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms in Boston

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