Tulips in Boston – Where to find them

Did you know that tulips were used as a form of currency during the 17th century? At one point, they were possibly worth more than gold, making bulb traders giant profits. Centuries later, we get to enjoy them all around Boston for free! How lucky for us, right? Popular as symbols of deep, unconditional love, Tulips have found themselves a home in Boston and the minds of its people!

Tulip breeding and colors

Centuries of selective breeding and natural genetic variation have enabled breeders to create tulips in a large number of colors. The three base colors of tulips – red, white, yellow – can produce 4 other hybrid colors (pink, orange, purple, black). That’s not all! They’re even able to create tulips with patterns such as flame-like streaks. However, despite a lot of research, breeders haven’t been able to produce a blue tulip so far!

Tulips in Boston and the Prudential Tower
Tulips and the Boston Prudential Tower!

Where to find Tulips in Boston

Tulips begin to replace the fading magnolias, stealing our attention away from the brick-red facades and history of this wonderful city! It isn’t uncommon to find them even if you aren’t looking for them. But there are some special spots where you can find the best tulips of various colors in Boston – and I’m here to tell you all about them!

Psst: Stay till the end for the two best spots!

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

tulips in boston waterfront park
Orange – a hybrid tulip color

This one’s a bit of a hidden gem. In all the times that I’ve gone to see the tulips here, I’ve hardly ever seen a crowd! A view of the Custom House, the fun Greenway Carousel right across the street, and various colors of tulips quietly waiting for you to discover them. Could we ask for a more perfect evening?

Red tulips in the foreground, custom house in the background
View of the Custom House

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Peace Garden, North End

No matter what season, North End is a must-visit for anyone who loves Italian food! As you’re taking a walk around the neighborhood to burn some of those extra calories you inevitably got from the delicious cannolis, make sure to check out this beautiful garden.

tulips in boston peace garden north end
Tulips at Peace Garden

Dewey Square

Is it any surprise that you’ll find tulips along the Greenway in Boston? Not at all – in fact, you’ll find them at multiple spots along the way! But my favorite spot is at Dewey Square. Here, you can see the giant mural, the majestic-looking South Station, and of course, the lovely tulips!

tulips in boston dewey square
Tulips at Dewey Square

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Old State House

This carefully planted bed of Tulips is so easy to miss as we hurry towards the touristy Faneuil Hall or the attractive Greenway that are just few steps ahead. Take a few moments to notice the tulips sway in a gentle breeze that somehow makes its way through the all the tall buildings around. You’ll be glad you did! 😊

tulips in boston old state house
Tulips near the Old State House

Streets of Back Bay

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked along Comm Ave during spring. Especially compared to how little I go there through the rest of the year. Can you blame me, though? From the daffodils in March, to the prettiest magnolia trees in April, all the way to crabapples and tulips in May, the Commonwealth Avenue has it all! And see it, we all must!

tulips in boston back bay
Tulips at Back Bay

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Pink and white tulips along Comm Ave Boston
Pinks and Whites

Titus Park, South End

South End doesn’t get enough love from me. I’ve only ever driven through this neighborhood, and maybe parked and walked here like once! So no, I don’t have my own picture of the Titus park. I’ve seen pictures shared by others though, and believe me – it’s worth a visit! And I plan to make one soon!

Copley Square

In regular, non-pandemic years, you might find yourself at the Copley Square to participate in the Boston Marathon fan fest. Or brave the road closures to come cheer for the runners on marathon day. Or even run the marathon yourself!

Tulips in Boston Copley Square
Tulips at Copley Square

Another attraction in close proximity (both in space and time) are the tulips at Copley Square. Come watch as people practice their skateboarding at this beautiful square that have yellow and red tulips enhancing the scene during spring!

tulips at copley square boston
View of the Trinity Church

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Boston Public Garden

This is the queen of all Tulip spots in Boston, where you’ll find tulip beds of every possible color! Visiting the Boston Public Garden tulips is an absolute delight; an experience you wouldn’t want to miss! Plan a visit to this garden to enjoy the tulips, some live music on the bridge, and a pleasant sail on the swan boats!

tulips in boston public garden
Framing the Tulips!

If there’s one experience that can instantly make you fall in love with Boston, it’s experiencing the tulips in the Boston Public Garden! You can thank me later 😉

tulips in boston public garden
Public Garden

So what are you waiting for? Go enjoy the tulips in Boston while they’re around. And do leave a comment if you come across another amazing spot that I’ve missed out here so others can enjoy it too!

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Until next time,
Nam 😊

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