Who is Nam?

Hey there, and welcome!

I’m Namita. My name literally means “no limits” (na-mita), and I like to believe that I live up to that definition – although my parents chose the name for its other meanings like humble, noble, and bumble(bee? sorry, got sidetracked with all the rhyming).

New experiences are my oxygen. I’m obsessed with seeing different places, seeing the same place differently, trying out new cuisines, picking up new skills, meeting new people, and trying to make everyday different (even if just a little bit) from all the others!

I write code for a living, and absolutely love my day job. I sometimes willingly spend my weekends working, even when my work doesn’t require it.

Having to satisfy my travel cravings alongside a full-time job means two things for me:

  1. I’m eternally low on vacation balance
  2. I’m an ambitious traveler, trying to experience as much as I can in the small vacation breaks that I get

And I absolutely love it this way!

Hop on as I take you through my adventures.